Fluid Motion Soft Tissue Tools (FMST)

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The Fluid Motion Soft Tissue Tools combine just two tools to effectively and gently manipulate tissue over all surfaces of the body, reducing scarring, controlling pain and improving joint and muscle flexibility. For practitioners, they’re also easy to use: Our custom-molded non-slip thumb grip makes our tools easy to grasp and hold, even with slippery creams. At 340 and 130 grams. respectively, their superior weight allow practitioners to affect tissue with fewer strokes and less pressure. And an ambidextrous design means that every single edge on our tools can be used for better compatibility of treatment on multiple body areas.

Our larger tool can be applied to broad areas of the body, while our smaller tool is designed for more delicate areas such as the hands, feet and neck.


  •  Two tool designs for all areas of the body 
  •  Unique metal-injected plastic for superior weight and durability 
  •  Custom-molded non-slip thumb grip for maximum angular pressure without overuse 
  •  Ambidextrous design and multiple edges  

Product weight

340 - 130 gr.


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  • Dr. J. Brower on 17-11-2015 13:08

    I love your FMST Tools! Using the FMST tools in my practice, soft tissue adhesions are easy to locate and identify in the areas of complaint. I have yet to find an area that cannot be adequately treated using the different angles and curves of the tools. The tools are very light weight and easy on me and the patients that I use them on.

    I would have been unable to fully address many of my patient's complaints without these tools, as the entheses, or the osteotendinous or osteoligamentous junctions, are difficult areas to treat, but absolutely crucial in resolving cases of overuse or repetitive motion conditions such as lateral epicondylitis. Thanks for the FMST Tools!!