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A stiff and/or stuff neck can cause many problems like pain in your shoulders, headaches and a bad posture. The Neckstretcher offers you the possibility to combat or prevent such problems. Ideal in combination with the Back-/Rolastretcher. Made of beech with synthetic rollers.

Tension headaches are caused by muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and head. Muscular tension may result from a poor posture, social or psychological stress or fatigue. Tension headache usually begins in the morning or early afternoon and gets worse as the day progresses. People often feel a steady, moderate or severe pain above their eyes or in the back of the head. Sometimes they feel a pressure as if they have a tight band around their head.

The pain may radiating into the whole head, sometimes even to neck and shoulders. 

In short, the following factors can be responsible for tension headache:

- Wrong posture

- Psychological/emotional problems

- Sleep deprivation

- Stress

The Neckstretcher can be a serious solution for your neck and headaches

A solution to your problem without medical intervention. The Neck Stretcher helps you to get rid of the build up tension in your neck and will improve your posture which will result in less pain.

Features / Benefits

  •  The Neck Stretcher helps you to get rid of the build up tension in your neck.
  •  Ideal in combination with the Back-/Rolastretcher. 
  •  Made of beech (farmed wood) with comfortable synthetic rollers. 


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